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We push the envelope. . .
Attached the wrong document? Input the wrong case number? Didn't reference the proper creditor matrix? It happens, more times that you realize in a day. We stop a lot of jobs throughout the day for one error or another and give you the time to correct it.

However, time is of the essence! If we have printed, stuffed, and affixed your envelopes with postage, we consider it to be complete and you will be responsible for the charges incurred. If you catch us before we print the job, we'll take it off the list and you will not be charged. We understand that mistakes happen and it is part of our goal to provide you with excellent service. But we make several runs to the post office each day. If you realize that you need to stop a job, let us know, and we'll try to make sure we can catch it before it goes to the post office.

This job stop notice will go to every employee of BK Attorney Services, LLC. You can expect an email from one of our staff letting you know that we have intercepted your job or we were not able to intercept your job.

Stop a Job in Progress!
Stop a Job in Progress!
Your Name:
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What type of job did you upload?
The Full Tracking Number for your job
Debtor's Name or Plaintiff's Name, if any:
Case Number, if any:
This can be found in the confirmation email we sent you when you originally submitted the project.
Please stop the above referenced job immediately.
I understand that by checking the box, I am asking BK Attorney Services, LLC to stop the above referenced mailing project. I understand that time is of the essence in this matter and that it is quite possible that BK Attorney Services, LLC has already processed, printed, and stamped my project for mailing. I further understand that if my project has been printed and processed for mailing, that I will continue to be liable for the amount of the invoice sent with my certificate. I understand that if BK Attorney Services, LLC has not yet printed, stuffed, or stamped my mailing project, then I will not be liable for the charges incurred.
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