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Martin Luther King Holiday - January 15, 2018
Effective Immediately - All jobs where we must match the personalized letter to a personalized envelope will incur a $50.00 per hour insertion fee.

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    Uploaded a job in error? Hit the stop button right now! If this job is anywhere in our assembly line, we will pull it back. If it has been finished and ready to post office distribution, then it is too late to stop it, but contact us to find out about a reprint.
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    What is www.certificateofservice.com?
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    www.certificateofservice.com is the premiere bankruptcy noticing site in the United States. Developed by a practicing consumer bankruptcy attorney, we allow you to upload your bankruptcy documents through our customized web portals along with the necessary case information. Once those documents are received in our offices, we access ECF/PACER to obtain the latest master mailing matrix address list from the Court system. We then turn those addresses into envelopes with your return address on them. We print the documents you uploaded and stuff them into the envelopes. We then sort your outgoing mail through the latest in USPS addressing technology to ensure that your bankruptcy notice is delivered timely and efficiently to the intended recipients. Finally, we email you a certificate of service showing that the documents have been mailed and who they were mailed to.

    With a host of features and technology designed to make your life easier, www.certificateofservice.com is an extension of your office management system. Ease of use, convenience, and economical cost make using www.certificateofservice.com your best option for handling bankruptcy mailouts. Whether you have 5 people on the master mailing matrix or 5000, we can handle all of your bankruptcy mailing needs. As an official notice provider, we are authorized to handle your mailings in every court district of the United States. You can rest assured that your mailings are handled efficiently and quickly knowing that the Court is not going to question the validity of your service.
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